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American Idol Top 7

Scotty McCreery -
This was probably Scott’s best performance to date. I love how he work the stage horizontally and vertically. He showed his personality and I liked it. (Except of course for his facial expressions, he’s almost doing it on purpose now.)

I don’t know what Jennifer and Randy’s problem is. They blast good performances and praise bad ones (like the opening number.) As much as I praise artists stretching themselves, Scotty did in this case. He doesn’t often sing the upbeat moving around songs like that. This was a stretch for him and he did bring it. Ugh!

James Durbin
Great performance. He is the best contestant right now, but the question is can a rocker win?

Why don’t the judges blast James for staying in the same genre? GKup thinks it is because the judges have a bias against country. Perhaps.

Hailey Reinert
Nice performance by Hailey. I didn’t care for the song myself so it was a little boring at times, but ever since she picked a style, she has gotten a lot better. Time tell if she has the votes. GKup say she looks like Minnie Mouse, ha!

Jacob Lusk
Decent performance from Jacob. He may have peeked a few weeks ago and is now playing it safe to stick around. I would have to agree though, he is a diva. (There was something wrong with the track. Suck it up.)

Casey Abrams
Wow, Casey is back with a vengeance. Casey showed what a great artist he was and showed why I had thought he was so great since the auditions. More importantly, perhaps, Casey showed that he could be musically relevant in today’s market, and kept his grunt. At this point, it is a race between James and Casey.

Stefano Langone
Stefano gave one of his weakest performances of the season. I am not sure what Randy heard, but that was bordering on bad karaoke without a doubt. He was hoping to rely on one long note at the end and his weak range failed him. I can’t tell if the judges are just trying to spare his feelings, or if I just don’t get it. How does Stefano get props and Scotty gets nothing?

Lauren Alaina
Great job by Alaina. She did seem to ignore the crowd and get into the song. She was jumping and dancing on stage and really getting into the song. I have been saying for a while that she could win if she got over her age and got comfortable and it is starting to happen.

That was perhaps the most useful critique from the judges all season. I especially like Steven’s idea of Lauren singing Allison Krause.

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