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Follow up to Kanye and Taylor

As I finished my first blog post about the incident on the Video Music Awards tonight, I found out that tonight there were a few shining stars in the show.

First, to MTV, thank you for kicking Kanye West out of the show.

Now, I would like to say the MTV that, while your VMA show is supposed to be a raucous party, maybe alcohol needs to be banned in the future. Apparently when Kanye went on his tirade at the 2006 MTV Europe awards he had been drinking:

And at the show tonight it was the same thing:

I may add these incidents to my pre-prom don’t drink speech next year.

Second, to Beyonce Knowles. She looked out raged when Kanye made his outburst during the show which I think was a general emotion and showed that she was in not one bitter than Taylor Swift won. This is probably in part because, as she says, she knows what it is like to be a young kid being nominated for an award because she was only 17 when she was nominated with Destiny’s Child.

Most importantly, after winning video of the year, she called Taylor Swift up on stage to finish her speech.

Pure class and a great photo opp!